Thursday, June 30, 2005

dreams and what do they mean anyway...

And do they mean anything at all.

Last night, I dreamed that I was back in the Philippines. I was back in school and had bought two tickets to this wonderful concert that me and my sister were longing to go to. We were so thrilled about the tickets and even though I got out of class a lot later than we'd planned for, there was just enough time to change out of school uniform into something a bit more gala.

Me, in my dream, calling my sister up and asking her to get the tickets which I've pressed between the pages of a book that I've been reading.

Meet me there, I say to my sister.

But when we get to the theater, it's to discover that we have the wrong book. It's too late to go back and pick up the tickets, because it's 30 minutes before starting time. It's too late to take the bus home because no bus will take us home and back again in 30 minutes...

It was a dream, but I can still see the tickets very clearly, they were red and blue and looked pretty much like the Philippine flag. What the concert was about? I don't remember.

Some dreams I remember, some dreams I forget. I mostly dream in color, and most of my dreams seem very real, hence a theory I developed long ago that the person in my dream must also dream about me...

Not so long ago, I remember waking up and keeping my eyes tightly closed and trying to hold on to a dream that made me laugh and laugh again. It bugs me that I can't remember what the dream was all about, but it made me feel really happy :)

So, what have you dreamed lately?


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