Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Inside the writing mind

That's the title of my column. My interview with Marcie Lynn Tentchoff has been published on The Sword Review. I am now an official columnist. *me with a big smile*

The next interview to come up should be the one with Valerie Mason John, whose novel, Borrowed Body, is now acclaimed as the UK's "color purple". I was really pleased to get this interview, because I met Valerie at the Amsterdam Literary Festival, and was able to attend her bookreading at The English Bookshop in Amsterdam.

It looks really nice and official up there, and I'm looking forward to doing more of this. I also recently concluded an interview with Mary E. DeMuth, whose devotional book, Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God, has recently been published. I'm really looking forward to writing the intro to this column, especially since her book just arrived in the mail today. Thanks Mary. I've put in a request at Harvest House Publishers for this book to be translated into Dutch, this is one of those wonderful gems that I would love to share with my friends who don't read English.

Another poet and writer whose interview will be up there soon, is Sara Russell of Poetry Life and Times. I met Sara on the Aylad Writer's Group and since then, we've corresponded on and off via e-mail. I haven't met her in person yet, but if our plans to visit England this summer push through, I'll drop her a line and hope that we can meet. Sara is a poet who writes with so much passion. To this day, I find myself haunted by the images in her poem about a child in Bosnia, and that was how many years ago? Another thing that I appreciate about her is her wonderful sense of humor, witness her potato poems (they are hilarious, guaranteed to make the reader laugh). I should really be saving this blurb for my column, so I'll leave it at that. For those who want to read more good poetry visit Poetry Life and Times.

I'm now off to finish work on my columns. I want to submit them on time so that I can go out and start my research for the next column.


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