Sunday, June 26, 2005


So, today has been a day of surprises. The most recent being the discovery that James Stevens Arce, one of oww's members managed to track down publications that I'd almost forgotten were on the net. I suppose it's quite easy to google a person and find out what there is to discover about them. I have to smile because this is more or less what I've been doing these past days in my own search for interviewees.

James wrote Soulsaver, an award winning novel which I should really look for. Who knows, I might be able to get an interview with him for TSR. Chie, heading out on interviewee hunt. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed because there is another writer whose work I really, really admire. If I can get her to agree to an interview that would be simply fantastic.

Anyway, James put a link to two of the first shorts I'd ever written. Babai and the Fire Demon, which got quite a violent reaction from one of the literary madams in the writers group I attended when I was back home. She thought it was too western, obviously someone else thought not. The other one, Lakay, was my very first successful short story, and I am really proud of it, to this day. It was published on Philippine Panorama (which is nationally distributed), spread out on two issues because it was a really long story. I'm a bit lazy right now, but I'll post the link to those two sometime soon.

Another nice surprise was to discover that there is a new author who wants to be interviewed by me. That should be interesting. From what I've gathered so far, this author is 17 years old and is publishing a collection of short stories in the scifi genre. Interesting. I have yet to find published work that is connected to this collection as clicking on the issues of Deep Magic where his stories have been published yields an error file on my computer. I might have to resort to asking him to send me copies of his stories so that I can read them. Geez, do you think interviewing is simply a matter of asking people where they were born and what made them write?

I'm quite pleased though because I've gotten the go ahead to interview Bill Snodgrass of The Sword Review. I've read his work (managed to access almost of all that he's got published), and I am quite curious about his novel. If it's as good as the stories that he's had published so far, the novel will make quite a read.

In church this morning, Ronald de Boer, one of the church elders, gave an excellent preaching that set me to thinking about my writing and about the things that I have been thinking about lately. Amazing to realize that the theme of life and death, darkness and light are also a constant in the Bible. Of course, I knew that, but sometimes it's a fact that you sometimes forget if you've lived with something all your life.

After that we went to the beach, just the three of us. Jan, Joel Jan and myself. It was lovely at the beach and we had a little picnic with us.

I'm thinking of my stories and all the things that have been happening in my life and inspite of the moments of struggle and disappointment, I find myself saying, God is good. God is good. Let us praise him as we should...


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