Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mangyan Child poem creates ripple effects, as Lolita Delgado Fansler of the Mangyan Heritage Center sends in a wonderful essay which Haruah editors have decided to publish as a guest editorial piece :)

Another ripple effect is found in a short, short work I've been working on. Originally inspired by a painting of Remedios Varo, I found the perfect poem to use as an epigraph for this piece from one of the poems in Lolita's piece.

I admire these poetic ripples, and wonder where they will lead to. And to think it all started with Mangyan Child.

Now to find a home for this baby ...well...okay...I confess to becoming more persnicketty about my own work. So, I sort of dilly-dally twice as much as I used to before sending my work out. Drat and double drat...and I was already such a procrastinator.

Next month should see a flurry of envelopes rushing out the door as the Submit or Die challenge comes up on OWW. ( I am now empowered with SASE's for US situated mags...very cool, but still no idea what to do with those works that need to be polished up waiting on my hard drive. )

I don't suppose making a list of desired markets would increase acceptance chances .


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