Saturday, May 07, 2005

poem in play by Joel Jan Loenen

Listening to Joel Jan playing. His words sound like poetry. Pure and without self-consciousness. I thought I'd write them here just as he said them.

*note: italicized words are said as a sort of echo

The ice train-train-train
Leaving for Iceland-land-land
Is leaving now-now-now

You must blow-blow-blow
On the whistle-whistle-whistle

Station chief-chief-chief


The ice train-train-train
Has returned-turned-turned
From Iceland-land-land

The queen is on board-board-board


Blogger RK said...

Actually admire when someone is thoughtful enough to actually put feelings and thoughts to words...much too rare on the internet. Good luck.

(Here is my most recent post; it's not depressing like the title sounds...take care)

09 May, 2005  

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