Monday, May 02, 2005


I've finished writing the first part of my novel - 25,200 words and fifty pages long. Still have to do some major editing on the first part though. I've started working on the second part which is going really slow. I only have nine pages done so far and my mind is just plodding along in slow motion. I keep getting distracted.

Waiting for responses to submissions that I've sent in. Ho-hum... Me, nervously pacing and starting to nibble at my fingers.

I hope that my aunt will get better soon. She had a stroke and she's in Cambodia. The number that I called keeps telling me that I have to update my account. Why do I have to live so far away from everybody else???


Blogger Ash'man said...

Oi! Hello Hello!

25,200 words already and I haven't gotten around to finish the first part yet! ^_^;

Haven't printed out this site for Nanay just yet, but I will in a few minutes.

Don't fret: You may live far away, but you're always close to our hearts over here, o diba ang drama! ha ha!

Oh, and stop nervously pacing and nibbling at your fingers, it might be unhealthy, and Joel Jan might pick up some bad habits ^_^

Sorry ha, It seems I'm in the wisecracking mood today, so don't mind mee...

03 May, 2005  

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