Friday, May 26, 2006

Revising work

Heh. Trying to get organized. Am trying to do another rewrite on The Sun's Bastard Children. Thanks to Eileen and Bec who both came back to me with practically the same comments about this story.

So, I'm working on that plotline and trying to get it into a better shape. Some serious pushing inside my brain .

Funny thing about reorganizing is stumbling over stories I'd totally forgotten all about. Like this story, Borealis Sun, which I wrote in a stream of consciousness phase and which is some sort of Science Fiction Fantasy and which after one rewrite, keeps my husband from hoo-humming and gets him reading all through to the end. Not bad, considering he tends to fall asleep if a story is boring . So, this story is going onto a pile of keepers. I've posted it on the shop and am quite curious as this story was partially inspired by this line out of a bible passage about the Sun of Righteousness, and partially by the sharp memory of a huge snake coming out of the belly of the mountain behind our house when I was a child.

I mean, if you were a child and you saw that snake, it would look to you like a huge cosmic serpent, and even after it took what seemed to me like an army of men to kill it, after they'd hung up the skin of the snake in the hallway of the Nurses' Home in Banaue, I still couldn't pass through there without imagining the snake jumping off the wall and wrapping around me.

Yeah. So, I suppose I had to write about it.

I keep on thinking of Punctuations and love how it does fit that word...unpredictable.

Oh yes, and it's wonderful to read about poets who are interested in submitting to the Second Hay(na)ku Anthology . I love how this form opens up the soul to poetry. Embrace it, I say, embrace it.

I am still waiting for books to come in. Already got a letter from Lulu asking me to send in my feedback about my order, and it hasn't even arrived yet. Ha, ha, ha. Waaaah.


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