Thursday, October 06, 2005


Instant Messaging is fun. Now that my brother is online, I can chat with him and catch up on life in the Philippines. Funny how chatting can somehow diminish distances. For me, it was like a total scifi experience. Lots of thoughts squeezed through my brain, and I found myself wondering what life would be like once the higher powers establish entire communities on Mars, the moon or even on a space station in the middle of the universe. Instant Messaging will certainly be handy. I also find myself wondering how long it will take before that Star Trekky "beam me up Scotty", form of transportation finally evolves to the point where they can transport entire humans instead of teeny-tiny atoms that machines do beam over from point a to point b.

Mind-boggling, ain't it?

I wonder how much travelling via the Star Trek way would cost. Would it be cheaper or more expensive than a plane ride?

Anyway, we are going home next year. I've made ticket reservations for June 30th, and we should be home and recuperated from our flight in time for my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Considering how easily folks discard their mates these days, 40 is definitely worth cheering for, don't you think?

I'm aiming for forever after :)

I'm catching up, believe me. I recently received my order of Interzone. Two copies of different issues, to get a feel of what the mag is like. Can't wait to dive into them and see what I've been missing all this time.

How come Amazon delivers slower than BBR? I ordered James Stevens Arce's, Soulsaver, from Amazon and it took a month before it got here. I wonder if ordering via a UK address will make a difference in delivery time. I'll have to find out when Lily calls me.

Which reminds me...I really should send James an email soon. Drat, yet another to do on my list that I keep forgetting about.


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