Wednesday, September 21, 2005

catching up on things...

Surely my mailbox is about to reach explosion point. I have never had so many unread mails before. It's the list of course. The one where everyone discusses except me, because I seem to never have the right words on the spur of the moment.
So, I muddle through the list and find the people whom I really need to write to.

My interview with Barbara Jane Reyes has finally made it to the top of the queue at The Sword Review. Clicking on this highlighted link will lead you there.

I haven't been able to write much these past week. We are just too busy with the floor and where everyone else goes into Spring cleaning frenzy during the Springtime, I go into a cleaning frenzy during the fall. That's just like me. The neighbours must be wondering what all the thumping and scratching sounds mean.

Finally got time to have a good sit down and peruse Eileen Tabios's latest e-book. It makes quite an interesting read. It made me think of something James Stevens Arce was talking about one time. Found poetry. To be honest, my education is more musical than literary. Basically, I was brought up in a home parented by booklovers who in turn gifted all of us, their children, with a love for books and the written word. So, I can't give a literary blow by blow account of this work. I'll just say what my impressions were.

There is something about the way these words are written that pushes them beyond the page. From "Welcome to the Luxury Hybrid" to "Yukon Denali's Denial" there is a vibrant power that surges through the lines, reminding of conversations that I must have recorded in my subconscious. "Luxury Hybrid" awakened memories of overheard conversations: boys comparing the merits of one car over the other, dreaming aloud of the kind of car they would like to own one day - in the Philippines, it mostly remains a daydream.

Yes, there is food for thought in the carefully selected verses/commercials listed in part one of this e-book.

In the letters written in response to Eileen's questions about the balixbayan box, I found it quite interesting to discover that eventually this question gave rise to the question of colonialism in a box. Perhaps I was sleeping when that question was put to the list because I don't recall reading that one, but then, my appearance on the net ( in my mailbox )is quite sporadic. Eileen notes that the discussion ended on that question which somehow never got answered. She then goes on to wonder if the right questions were asked.

I really liked this ending to the work. It made me look at the entire book in a whole new light. I found myself analyzing things and wondering too about what these lists say about us, and what the implications are. In any case, leaving it open like that invites much thought on the part of this reader. So, I'm going to read it again and think about those questions.

Wanna read Eileen's book? Here's the link click on Post Bling Bling to download a pdf copy. Enjoy :)


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