Saturday, July 02, 2005

Joel Jan

His eyes are filled with the promise of a thousand different dreams
at five years old,
the world is still
like outer space
an open place
that invites

One of our favorite pasttimes, is to sit and explore each other's imaginations. I tell him stories while he fills in the blanks and in such conversations I have discovered lands, like underwear land where a little boy sets sail with his underpants on his head and ventures across wild seas to find a place called Thunder and Lightning shore. The people who occupy this place wear lightningbolts on their heads and send our young adventurer off to another island where Dinosaurs still live and dragons breath fire.

At the end of the day, our little hero, comes home...weary from his journey, glad to find that at the end of all stormy seas, home still waits and he can still be like all the other children in underwear land.

You'd think that he would be weary of the telling at the end of this tale, but no...he always wants more...


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