Sunday, June 25, 2006

The dream is over...Netherlands loses to Portugal with a score of 1-0. Portugal scored one goal early in the first half. After that, it was hard work. Lots of yellow and red cards, according to the guy who does the voice over, this is a first in the history of the World Cup. Four red cards dealt out during a play. The game ended with nine players playing against nine.

I won't say how maddening it was the number of times the game came to a dead stop just as the Dutch team were in attack. I realized one of the things a football player needs to be is a good actor. According to Jan, a good number of the injuries that stopped the game were played out and milked for rest time and just to kill the momentum of the attacking team.

Netherlands had the most possession of the goal. In terms of statistics, was a pretty strong team. Luck just wasn't on our side tonight.

Some poignant moments...Cheering Portuguese backdropped by the disappointment and grief on the faces of the Dutch team. There was one shot of Van der Sar with tears running down his face.

All in all, quite a game. I found it quite "spannend". Rooting for Orange every step of the way...but what do you do when luck just isn't on your side?

Nevertheless, I do believe the Dutch team deserves a great round of applause for playing a good game. After all, as Van Basten says in this article , the Dutch team is quite a young team. For a young team, they made a pretty good showing. So here's to the next World Cup and here's to hoping Lady Luck will smile on Orange next time around.


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