Monday, July 11, 2005

July --- moments to celebrate

July seems to be a month packed with moments to celebrate. Yesterday, my husband celebrated his birthday. Today, my parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. One good deal about having celebrations one after the other, is that you can't remember one without remembering the other. *he, he* Good for someone like me who has the memory of a sieve.

What is it about Filipinos and celebrations? Is it a culture thing or is it a gene thing? I remember that my grandmother wouldn't let birthday's or special days go by without celebrations. I remember going to Surigao one summer and celebrating my birthday with my grandparents. My grandmother ordered a roasted pig (lechon), she bought me a magnificent party dress and I was utterly spoiled.

It seems to me that the summer in Surigao was one gigantic feast. Each day, vibrated with life and wonder and there was always the scent and sound of the sea and that feeling of timelessness that comes with summer vacations.

So maybe that explains in part my desire to celebrate. Yesterday, we discussed the subject of genes and how I inherited quite a good number of my grandmother's genes.
I find myself wondering if the gene to celebrate is inherent. Does it run in the blood?

Time will tell if my son has this gene too. I'm watching him very closely :)


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